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Should I hire a Real Estate Broker?


The goal of every seller is to maximize profits, while the goal of every buyer is to minimize costs.  It can help you broaden your market and achieve your goals by hiring real estate professionals, and fees should be factored in as a cost to doing any commercial real estate deal. There are many reasons to hire your own real estate broker (or an agent who may work for a broker). The broker or agent should have specific expertise in commercial real estate, and particularly in the area where you need it (such as office space, retail space, industrial warehouse space, apartment complexes, land etc.).

Even if you’re just leasing property, a real estate broker may be extremely helpful.  A good agent will go out and find the property for you. The agent will also serve to negotiate on your behalf and work on similar deals all the time.  Most times it does not even cost the tenant anything because the Landlords pay a lease commission for a transaction in their property. If the Landlord has an agent, they split the commission.

Hire the best person you can find, who has expertise in representing parties on your type of real estate transactions.  Ask around and call Commercial Asset Partners Realty for a free consultation.

Still can’t find the answers or tools you need?  Contact us and let our professional staff of experts help assist you in meeting your commercial real estate needs.